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Everything changes when we worship God.  Worship takes place when we understand WHO God is, WHAT He has done, and reflect His Glory back to Him because of those understandings.  We have been created to worship, we just need to choose who or what we will worship.  Rock worship, a ministry of The Rock, has one goal… to raise worshippers who worship God with their entire lives.

Rock Worship is a team of people committed to passionately leading people before the throne of God.  God created us with art within our soul and we are committed to using the arts to help people fulfill their created purpose of worshipping God.  When we gather, our desire is to teach God’s children to worship God with expectancy and fervor, helping this worship of God to carry on throughout our week.  

our music

Rock Worship has written and produced a number of songs including, “Your Word,” “Forever I Will Sing,” and “Be The Message” to help in our journey of God worship.  Rock Worship is not a band, but a gathering of committed people willing to share of their talents for the Glory of God.


WORSHIP – We are always looking for skilled instrumentalists and vocalists to be a part our worship team.

SOUND – Sound engineers play a very important spiritual and technical role in helping facilitate worship. Sound engineers are needed for Sundays and special events.

LIGHTING – Creating a worshipful environment with the use of inspirational lighting. Lighting engineers are needed for Sundays and special events.

MEDIA – Running the lyrics, videos, and slide presentations shown during Sundays and special events.

CAMERA CREW – Running the switcher or a camera during Sundays and special events.

VIDEO PRODUCTION – Film and edit videos to be shown on Sundays and at special events.

get involved

Our desire is to raise worship leaders and send them out to make an impact in the world.  If you would like more information about serving as a part of the Rock Worship team, please click the button below.

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