growth groups

what is a growth group?

A Growth Group is a small community of approximately 12-16 people who gather together weekly to discuss faith and life and spend time together with the hope that they might grow in their relationship with God, develop relationships with others at The Rock, and be used by God to serve the neighborhoods and people around them. Most groups meet in homes around Littleton and the surrounding communities on various evenings throughout the week, from the end of September through the beginning of May.


Growth Groups are one of the most important things we do at The Rock. In our opinion, it’s the best possible environment for you to continue to grow in your faith, develop relationships with others, and serve the community. Our desire is that every single person in our church would be in a Growth Group!
Groups meet on a variety of different evenings throughout the week, and a few even meet during the day. While a handful of our Growth Groups meet at the church, most meet in people’s homes around the Littleton area.
The average Growth Group lasts for an hour and a half to two hours. You will spend time catching up with the others in your group, opening the Bible together, discussing the topic for the week, and praying for and with each other.
Our spring Growth Groups meet from the week of January 28 through the end of April. So give it a shot for at least a month, and if it doesn’t work out, we’ll help you find something that might be a better fit.
This spring, each group will pick a different book or Bible study to study for the semester, and some will dig deeper into the sermon that was preached the previous week.
It is completely free to join a group, though many groups will take turns providing a snack or dessert for their meeting.
Most families that are in a Wednesday night group take their kids (2 year olds – 5th grade) to Awana during the group’s meeting time. Other groups may seek to incorporate their kids in the group and offer a variety of childcare options.
Email Chris at and we’ll help you get plugged into a group.