Who we are
Real Church Real People

God loves you just the way you are, but He loves you too much to keep you that way.

Purpose Statement


Reaching people for Jesus Christ

Above all, we are a church that is committed to reach people for Jesus Christ. We believe that this is the most important issue in all of life.

The Rock has annually seen between 150 and 300 first time decisions for Christ.

Loving God with all our hearts

Second, we are a church committed to teach them to grow and live a life pleasing to God.

Impacting our world wherever we are at

Our third focus is to send individuals out to reach others for the cause of Jesus Christ.

We Are a Church of Multiplication

We believe God is calling us to experience immeasurably more of Him and allow Him to multiply both in and through us, making a greater impact. As we obey God and become a part of His redemptive plan for the world, we have identified four key areas that we believe He wants us to be committed to in order to fulfill the mission He has given us.


Seeing every man, woman, and child entrusted to us living in discipling relationships, resulting in them maturing as disciple-makers to everyone, everywhere.


Building a leadership culture where the highest priority is on equipping and empowering every believer to carry out God’s purposes for the church.

Since 2006 we have planted four churches!


Raising up and sending out pastors and congregations to ensure that the Front Range and beyond is saturated with churches that own the lostness of every man, woman, and child.

A majority of our staff have been grown from within our church body. A total of 52 full-time or part-time vocational ministry leaders have been raised up. Half of these are now licensed pastors and pastor’s wives! We have also raised up and sent out five missionary couples.


We want to see the gospel impact our community in immeasurably more ways. We want to see more impact in families and healing of grief and addiction through our many care and external ministries.

Our Values

Authentic Worship: Placing ourselves before the throne of God while celebrating His love and grace.

Every Believer is a Minister: Faithfully serving God with and through our talents, stewardship and spiritual gifts while making disciples who make disciples.

Missions Minded: Following the Great Commission by expanding His Kingdom through new churches, here and throughout the world.

Outreach Minded: Sharing the hope and grace we ourselves have received with a world in need of the hope and grace only Christ can bring. Our goal is to reach the community to heal the community.

Personal Growth: Growing in knowledge and grace through Bible study, Growth Group ministries, prayer, confession and sharing our faith.

Love and Acceptance: Being able to love our neighbor as ourselves by caring for others in a relevant way. Accepting God’s love to reflect God’s love.

Ministering to the Whole Family: Seeing God’s Kingdom expanded through the spiritual growth of fathers, mothers, and their children.

Church History

December 1999 – Pastor Bruce Fosdick got a call from Southwest Baptist, a dwindling church that consisted mostly of senior citizens who wanted to do something to reach the next generation for Christ. Bruce and his wife Melissa moved from Reseda, CA to Littleton, CO with the plan to take this older established church of 100 members and “restart” it. It was treated like a church plant that would reinvent itself and do whatever it took to reach the unchurched.